InStream CRM Features

Find out how effective is InStream

  • monitor-communication

    Monitor your communication

    InStream provides you with an overview of your contacts’ activities such as:

    • incoming and outgoing emails,
    • phone calls,
    • planned activities (events, meetings, video calls),
    • follow-ups, notifications, comments or status changes


  • lists

    Manage Your Relation Lists

    Create an unlimited number of lists which will help you manage your everyday communication! Sales processes, customer service and virtually any sort of business relations.

    Also, you can have an access to different lists depending on your role. For example, as a sales manager you have access to all the lists, while as a sales consultant you can have access only to chosen lists.

  • relations

    Manage Your Business Relations

    You can collect different types of data about your relations. For example, system will show you valuable information about your contacts, such as when a given relation was created, its status, its owner, last communication date and the number of inactive days. In this way, you will be able to manage and conduct your sales processes more effectively.

  • contacts

    Manage Your Contacts

    Gather and manage an unlimited number of contacts. They can be automatically downloaded from e-mail accounts and csv files or added manually.
    In you can gather different types of customer data, thanks to what you can have information about your contacts at hand.

  • time

    Manage Your Time

    Schedule meetings, phone calls and other events. Share the calendar with your co-workers and assign them tasks.
    InStream is equipped with the Calendar module that helps you organise your daily schedule. You can synchronize your InStream account with Google Calendar so that you will have all your commitments in one place.
    InStream Calendar will help improve your time management and boost your productivity at work!


For those InStream users who have dozens of contacts it would be rather complicated to browse through all these profiles in order to stay up-to-date with all the news.

That’s why InStream came with the solution - notification system. Thanks to that feature, users are immediately informed about all the activities on their contacts’ profiles such as status changes or emails, phone calls.

Thanks to the notification system, you won’t miss any detail!

Mailbox integration

You can fully integrate your InStream account with your mailbox so all your incoming and outgoing correspondence will be stored inside the platform. You don’t need to copy your clients’ data and duplicate your work - InStream will do it for you!

InStream enables automatic integration with selected mailboxes: Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, FastMail, Inbox, If you use other mailbox – it is also possible to integrate it manually through IMAP.


In your everyday work your have to deal with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of clients, phone calls, emails and meetings... If you have difficulties with managing all of those at the same time - InStream has a solution for you.

InStream offers you the possibilty of setting follow-ups – you can add them to any relation that you have on your InStream account. Then, the system will remind you of all tasks you need to do.

Detailed customer information

The more you know about a customer the better your sales go. Within InStream you can gather detailed customer information: contact details, related companies and notes. Thanks to the 'closest connections' feature you can see who from your company has the best relation with a given customer.

InStream displays posts from Facebook and Twitter so you can keep up-to-date with clients’ news! Additionally, the system automatically downloads avatars from Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Content sharing

Let’s take the example: your communication with the client lasts a few months and you would like to show several emails to your colleague in order to consult an arising problem. However, you do not want to show him the whole content, but a few messages. What do you do?

InStream is equipped with the sharing option so that you can share:

  • a single message or several messages
  • a single relation together with its full content
  • an entire relation list

Intelligent hints

InStream is not another CRM which only lets you gather your contacts - it also gives you hints on how to communicate with customers and manage your sales processes. The platform will show you valuable customer information such as last communication date or inactive days and help you treat your customers with special care.

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