Social Media CRM

Learn more about your customers and partners

Follow your contacts on Twitter

InStream Calendar will help improve your time management and boost your productivity at work.

Have you ever wondered what about do your customers write? What are their hobbies or perhaps what important happened in their career lives?

Within integration with Twitter account you may:

  • Download and display Tweets,
  • Download your contacts’ avatars
  • Switch directly between Instream and your customers’ Twitter accounts.

Synchronize your contacts with their Facebook accounts

Add Facebook account of the company you are working with. Be up to date and build strong and solid business relations. Follow your customers’ and partners’ posts. Owing to the integration with Facebook you no longer will miss key affairs related to your business contacts.

Thanks to the InStream integration with Facebook you may:

  • Download and display posts,
  • Download your contacts’ avatars,
  • Switch directly between InStream and your customers’ Facebook accounts.

Get your customers details directly from LinkedIn

Integration with LinkedIn always guarantees an up to date information about your contacts. While adding new company contact to the system, data such as address information, number of employees or avatar will be added to your contact automatically.

Thanks to the link between InStream and your clients’ LinkedIn account you will be able to download their history of employment, thus being up to date with business affairs of your contacts.

Our cooperation with LinkedIn has been temporarily suspended, but rest assure that our team works hard on launching this functionality again.