InStream CRM for Training Providers

Build strong business relations

CRM for Training Providers

Person who asks for your help requires full attention? Are you doing a lot of trainings at the same time? Is it hard for you to handle fluent communication with all your clients at the same time? If you answered at least one time yes you need customer relationship management platform. InStream will help you build strong business relations with all your clients.


Monitor all your communication with clients, in one place.


Plan your actions with mobile calendar. Arrange meetings and organise your schedule


Create suitable lists and organize communication with customers


In order to be up to date, use intelligence notifications

CRM adjusted to Training Managements' needs

What distinguish our platform is flexibility. You decide what you want to see while scrolling down the list of your business partners. You can also filter your contacts list according to your needs.


Thanks to automatic reports you can measure your team results


Customize your lists. Store your data wisely.


Use intelligent fields and Business Intelligence tools


Gather all information about your clients in one place


Stream view

Monitor communication with all your clients. By gathering all information in one place you will not miss any important part of the conversation. Add comments, change statuses to let your coworkers know at what stage is your communication with clients.


Available in browser

You can use InStream from any device which has acces to the Internet

Intuitive design

You don't have to be skilled computer user to use the platform

Remote access to data

You can access InStream no matter where you are


“Thanks to the system which automatically complete data my work become more efficient. I save a lot of time and I gain many satisfied clients. They all feel well attended and appreciate fluent communication.”


Bruno Gonzalez

Build strong and long-lasting relation with your clients

Take care of fluent communication with your business partners

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