How to keep good relations with customers from advertising agency?

Commissioning jobs from advertising agency is getting more and more popular, partly because of the rising number of small or individual companies on the market. This means that the competition is getting bigger, so in order to sell a product or service you have to stand out.

Acquiring new customers with professional marketing assistance is undoubtedly very effective, but these kind of tasks should be undertaken by specialised agencies. Very often this kind of solution is much cheaper than creating special marketing team in your company.

Advertising agencies can provide services in different areas, such as:

  • creating advertising campaign (on local, regional or national scale)
  • building company’s image (logo design, presence in media, coordinating contacts with press)
  • designing examinations and analysis in order to present company’s specific functioning

Agencies can be divided according to their services and processes. And so we can distinguish: full service agencies with wide outreach (dealing with PR, project creation, media publications, brand design and so on), and agencies a’la carte, which offer different services according to customers’ needs.

Communication with customer – the key to success or the cause of failure?

Obviously, we don’t have to convince anybody that the most important task in any services are good relations with clients.

How to achieve them? Contrary to general opinion, it is quite easy. Think about:

  • treating every client individually, which means finding as much information about him as possible – needs, interests, lifestyle and so on. The more we know about our recipient, the more optimal our service will be.
  • how important long term relationships are, and why do you have to tend to your contacts regularly. Of course your communication don’t have to (even shouldn’t) become too social and private, but still it is important to be empathetic and remember about some specific facts or needs (it might be helpful to create a profile in your database for every single recipient)
  • practise simple gestures which generate low costs, but are valued by customers. These could be: free delivery, finishing task before the deadline, free quick adjustments.
  • share information about current progress – you have to keep in touch with your customers. They should be able to verify your work and ask for changes (if needed).

Resolving the problem? Use CRM system in advertising agency.

Thanks to integration of adequate software with Gmail account, there is a possibility to store all of the customers’ correspondence in one place, dividing it into groups, and following the communication through different channels. InStream offers these possibilities – easy platform, which allows to monitor your communication. You can register here.

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