– CRM 2.0 for Building Strong Relationships with Customers

sales enablement tool

Sales enablement tool for building strong relationships with customers

Business is all about relations. Imagine you can store all your business contacts in one place and easily communicate with all the people that belong to your network. Thanks to this innovative platform it is now possible. Check out the main functions of

You can import your existing contacts from email, phone, social media, csv files (excel) or other external applications. You will also be able to:Features-contacts

  • synchronize all your contacts
  • create any kind of relation and automatically monitor all users’ activities as well as follow the history of communication of the user within the relation emails, phone calls, users’ activities,  follow-ups,  social media content and others
  • create and customize lists with unlimited number of relations
  • manage relations within lists of relations and communicate effectively with selected users
  • share your lists of relations, single relations or just a single email with other users – either with all the contacts or just with selected people
  • send messages  and make calls through the platform is also equipped with:

  • Common Calendar, which will let you create follow ups, organize events and share the content of the calendar with others, what can be used to communicate within a particular industry
  • dashboard, that is visible, evident and user-friendly

It is not just another CRM – but a platform that will keep your team InStream. – Check it out!

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