What Is InStream.io? Get To Know the Platform!

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Sales enablement tool for building strong relationships with customers

In times of Customer Development and Relation Marketing everyone agrees that business is all about relations. We strongly support that idea and therefore we work on a product that facilitates progressive relation development. Take a moment to get to know our smart business solution.




InStream.io is an innovative, intelligent platform that enables you to manage your business relations more effectively. Check a few selected features and see how they can boost your results!

1. InStream.io is integrated with your mail box and it can be also configured with external marketing and lead generation tools that you use. That enables you to manage all your relations from one place.

2. System automatically downloads all contacts data from your mailbox and all other platforms (like social media accounts) t
hat you select.

3. You can synchronize your phone with the platform and it will save all business calls you make or answer. And you can just work on your mobile instead of starting your laptop for every single operation. Handy when you work in the field.

4. InStream.io keeps your communication history safe and consistent, regardless off all changes and adjustements you apply into your relation. Communication history consists of all types of on-line and off-line interactions.

5. Platform downloads data form social accounts of your contacts what provides you with daily update of their social activities.

6. InStream.io is equipped with a smart system that analyse your communication activities and scheduled actions. It provides you with reminders about upcoming events and tasks as well as gives you prompts and suggestions to take up some actions that may be important for your relations.

7. Its diverse sharing functions make internal communication smooth and quick, saving time and effort to explain business cases.

8. Loads possibilities of customization makes the platform your personal tool adjusted to your work habits, duties and deadlines.


These are just a few of many innovative options that makes InStream.io overtowers similar solutions. Give it a chance and check how much time you can save everyday. Equip your workers with the best software to develop long-term business relations. Though relations are what we care about the most!

InStream.io is not just a CMR system, it enables you to do a lot more in a shorter time. It is a blend of customer data base, private calendar and planner, mail box and your helpful co-worker.

It is not just another CRM – but a tool that will keep your team InStream®

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