Why is the CRM system better than post-it notes?

Post-it notes are known all over the world stick-on chits. Their purpose is to quickly pass on pieces of information – they can be put on all kinds of surfaces, like documents, monitors, etc., without leaving any trace after. Easy to remove and reusable, post-it notes concurred paper market in the 80s. They were designed in an American laboratory and their most popular variant is square and yellow. What’s interesting, they were invented in the late 60s by an accident, when dr Spencer Silver was working on superglue. 

Modern post-it notes are also available in Windows software – they can be stored on the desktop with reminders about important dates and tasks. This solution can be functional for individual users, but it won’t work well as a method of data organizing in bigger enterprises. In this matter it’s better to decide on a simple online CRM, which has more functions than just filing or coordinating data access.

Customer Relationship Management is both a system and philosophy of relations with clients, and it is focused on raising effectivity of company’s strategy. All of your staff members should be involved in the implementation and usage of CRM platform, and all of them should be engaged in information exchange. Important role in the system play data bases with modules concerning specific clients, transactions (both past and current), etc. Pieces of information can be imported from anywhere, and the key feature is their regular actualisation. Many online CRMs offer automatic data actualisation.

Substantial function is possibility of sharing content. It is important especially in case, when we deal with the key customer, that the company’s had long relation with – every person that would communicate with this person will have an outlook at previous liaisons. Sharing history of messages (single or more), or even whole history of relation, is a great facilitation in terms of team work  and division of responsibilities. Communication within CRM platform can be conducted through many different channels. Another essential trait is possibility to integrate with social media and e-mail accounts. It is worth remembering, that retaining relations with contractors is not enough – in a modern company inside communication has to be effective as well. There is no place for accidents of misinformation, which were quite common in the era of post-it notes. Now, every member of your company has an insight into all kinds of gathered data.

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