4th place on the Top 20 Most Affordable CRM Software Report

InStream earned the number 4 spot on Capterra new Top 20 Most Affordable CRM Software report. Almost 500 CRMs took part in a new survey, which was conducted to give people the complete overview on the Relation Management Systems market.


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Capttera approached each CRM provider almost a month ago. We had to fill the form which contained multiple-choice questions about our functionalities, integrations, customers support, development plans and give Capterra the access to our platform. No marketing. No talking to the testers. Capterra wanted the CRM solutions to speak for themselves.

After a month of testing each solution, they announced the verdict. It only took us 18 months to create the relation management platform which is considered to be the 4th most affordable solution on the market.

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If you want to see full report just click here.



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