5 CRM functions, that u might never heard of before

Nowadays companies are not only entering the local market bust also global from the first day of existence. Of course, a lot depends on the type of services or products, but the Internet offers unlimited number of opportunities to arise in any industry, presenting offer for a wide range of consumers which gives opportunity for higher sale and profit.

To the packages which enables the sales process automatization and make managing the relations easier surly we can include CRM systems. Which of their functions are the most important even when they are not the first to pop in mind when we think about such a systems? Here is 5 CRM functions, that u might never heard of before.

1. Lists of contacts

legal officies lists

Division of contacts for special lists through CRM system helps to keep order in a company, no matter how big the database is. Thanks to well done segregation of customers (for example for key customers, occasional customers, client interested in the special offers, future potential customers or debtors) company can develop appropriate actions suitable for each group. Attracting new customers, support for regular customers represent at a certain level or process of complaint – it can all be a lot easier as a result of an access to professional database divided into sections. Additional connection to the calendar creates an opportunity to schedule all action and assign specific responsibilities for team members.

2. Ability to share content in company

right-graphicThis is linked to another important function – the ability to share content. As everybody know, besides good information flow (regardless of industry) the most important in every company is communication. This applies to external channels – customer have to has a chance to maintain contact, if company wants to be able to talk about handling any kind of relation. It is very important, but also entrepreneurs have to pay attention to the internal channels – with special consideration of multiple choice in the exchange information process. Professional CRM systems allows improvement of communication via easier access to data which gain facilitated character and organize company day by day operations. This affects not only the quality of work, but also the atmosphere in the company.

3. Enterprise 2.0

left-graphUse of Enterprise 2.0 idea (technique known from social media) in CRM makes communication with individual customers happen through many channels. In addition, each transaction is recorded in the database – so that rejuvenating contact with former customer responsible person from has access to the entire history of relation. What’s more – it is easy to determine how exactly were led past negotiations, with who the client had the most frequent contact, if he always made payments on time and if he is not in any way debtor for the company.

4. Integrations

kafel3 calendar imageIntegration with various Google applications and, in particular calendar, disk, and e-mail allows in a comprehensive manner affects the management of information. Sharing information is easier by access to a Gmail account, from which it is possible to send messages to the entire team, or selected colleagues. On the other hand Google Drive allows to get the necessary information at any time and from anywhere – on a variety of mobile devices. Just log into the system, to have visibility of specific data about customers (which of course can be shared in different degrees, depending on the position of the employee in the company). All created documents can be controlled from a single location, which greatly simplifies the process of assigning responsibilities and the team management.

5. Social Media

kafel2 twitterCombining CRM with a variety of social networking allows more accurately define the needs and requirements of customers. How it’s possible? By integrating the management relationship on the line consumer – entrepreneur with media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn where the data about individual customers are updated on a regular basis. Having insight of the content published by them and also to declared preferences it is much easier to send a personalized offer. Additionally, thanks to LinkedIn – the most associated with the professional development social media platform – at fingertips are also information about employees, their experience and skills.

These 5 functions of CRM, which you might not be aware of it are just the small part of benefits which the implementation of the professional system brings to the company. Access to information and right use of it are the base for building strong business development strategy.

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