5 Tips For Providing Outstanding Customer Service

Companies in all industries – of all sizes and of any location realize that their clients are the most valuable assets. Therefore, it is definitely worth to invest some time into improving the quality of care your clients receive from your business. Excellent customer service undeniably requires some attentiveness, or as some would say effort. There are a few components to establishing good customer service practices within a company.

First of all, communication with customers is of utmost importance. It is crucial not just to talk to clients when we want to close a deal, but also devote some time to less financial-driven communication. Ask your customers what they need and expect from your product or service and whether there is some field of improvement. Let them talk and express their opinions. This way you can get reliable feedback and also make them feel they influence your company’s activity. Working in accordance with the rule ‘Your wish is our command’ (of course within the realms of what is reasonable) can certainly pay off in the future.

Another vital component of good customer service is establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with existing and new customers. Try to be present in their everyday lives not just thanks to your product/service, but also send some valuable information in the form of a newsletter, provide them with interesting content on social media, even when this doesn’t directly promote your product. Then your company is more likely to receive positive reviews and your product may eventually become of the trusted brands.

What’s more, everyone from time to time needs to feel appreciated. A great way to do that is by setting rewards and customer loyalty programs. Unfortunately, many big corporations, especially telecommunication companies do not recognize the importance of this strategy. They tend to favour new clients by offering them the same or even much better conditions of agreements while ‘old’ customers sometimes do not get adequately rewarded for their loyalty. In addition, if your company is already one of those who say ‘thank you’ to their clients in this way, it is nice to differentiate your campaigns among its recipients – adapt the loyalty programs and rewards according to your clients’ likes and dislikes.

Furthermore, good customer service goes hand in hand with gathering customer data. Most often companies either use a database system or a customer relationship management software. In fact, CRMs are recently mushrooming on the market. However, even in spite of this plenitude, it is not so easy to find a perfect tool for one’s company. Many CRMs are designed exclusively with the aim of increasing sales while they tend to overlook the aspect of the quality of customer service. One of the softwares which was created mainly in order to care about relations with clients is InStream. It is a new product which introduces oneself as something more than CRM – Business Relations Management Platform. It not only gathers all sorts of valuable information about the customers but also monitors the whole history of communication with them.

Most of all, it is advisable to choose solutions which are best adapted to the needs of a given company. Therefore, it is good to get inspired by other companies’ solutions or projects, but always design one of its kind campaigns, which are created especially for clients of a given company. Customers vastly appreciate the individual approach, so make them feel special and they are likely to reciprocate by staying longer with you.
CEO at InStream. Sales Advisor.

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