Best CRM system for event agencies in 2016

Event agencies are specialised in organising free time – in terms of business events, integration parties and many other. The key to their functioning are relationships with clients and well established communication.

Sadly, nowadays it is not very easy to obtain. This is why there is a need to make use of extra solutions, both on- and off-line. One of those solutions are CRM systems, which are responsible for customer relationship management. It is because the customers are generally the most valuable element of every enterprise – especially considering that schedule isn’t always full of additional commissions – and that is why retaining positive and long lasting relations with them should be a priority.

Specificity of event agencies’ functionalities comes down to the necessary co-operations with other entities. Those can be e.g. restaurants, companies specialising in graphic design, and institutions for which the visual aspects and quality of the service are the most important.


How to choose the best fitting CRM for an event agency?

Regardless of the branch in which the CRM will be used, it has to provide full mobility. One of the best facilitations for dynamic entities, just like aforementioned event agencies, are CRMs designed in SaaS model (System as a Service). They don’t require complicated implementing processes, and their handling is intuitive – additionally they are available also as an application for mobile devices. Considering how event companies function, this solution is downright perfect. Another important trait of modern CRMs is their intuitiveness using them shouldn’t be a problem even for layperson. Still, while deciding on implementation of this kind of platform, you might want to consider some training for your employees. They should be able to use the CRM system as a tool, which will enable them improvement of their skills and optimization of their work. What else should an optimal CRM have? Very important is module structure, so that you will be able to fit  the program into your detailed requirements. Module structure should have these basic elements:

  • comprehensively built customer base. It is crucial that your information come from at least a few different sources. Some platforms have already introduced possibility to integrate CRM with social media. It has two major advantages for event agencies: they not only gather the most important data about clients, but also help to profile them as participants of specific events.
  • tool for transaction management – both archived ones, and those that will be made in the future.
  • detailed agenda with optional follow-ups about actions, that have to be undertaken
  • structuring reports with precise analysis of the company’s performance in chosen time. Monitoring your employees’ work (which is important both in big and small enterprises) can improve communication within your team, and formulation of future strategies.


Remember, that effectiveness of event agencies is dependent on communication inside and outside the company. This is the only way to receive feedback about the adequacy of your services. You should not belittle customers’ opinions. Thanks to CRM it gets definitely easier to improve your long-term relations in business. Especially when you seize the opportunity to follow all of the communication channels – via internet, phone and in person.

Using different social media platforms is another element which decides about the success of event agency – in addition to well-chosen CRM it will be easy to create effective PR strategy and build your brand image. It has special value in terms of new and developing companies, which are still based as start-ups, or offering niche services for a small group of clients.


What else can you do make your management more efficient?

Thanks to effectiveness of CRMs it is possible to reduce some duties to minimum – data bases can be actualised automatically, same as generating reports. This way event agency can focus on what’s really important – fulfilling customers’ needs. The moment, when communication is simplified and the organisation concerns aren’t devouring so much energy, it is much easier to find new, creative ideas – which are key part of this business. Naturally, equally important is conducting agendas and schedules, that will consider upcoming stages of any event. Strategy of proceedings  is one of those elements which are indispensable for every event agency. Luckily, in terms of professional (and simple at the same time) informatics system sit is easy to take care of this field. CRM for event agency doesn’t need to have complicated structure. The most important role in here play aforementioned basic functions, like data bases, transactions lists and calendar with agenda. Quite important is also the possibility to divide assignments which will speed up their realisation. In event-related business it is almost priceless, considering that working in commissions makes every hour highly valuable and types of services might vary significantly. With adequate organisation and designation of tasks, none of these situations will be too challenging – no matter if it’s business conference, professional events, or children parties.

In order to maintain the high quality of communication with outside entities, it is important to take notice of the way your calendar and schedule are conducted. It has a great impact on taking next steps in your project, which include e.g. rehearsal plan, assembling installation, course of event and many more related tasks.

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