Combining CRM with LinkedIn – what are the benefits?

LinkedIn is a social network which helps you to become known in the Internet. Especially when a company just started operating or it is about to opens up for new markets. What makes LinkedIn different from other social networks and why it’s particularly working in conjunction with CRM? We would try to explain that in the following article.

Main advantage of LinkedIn is that, platform brings together people involved in business which can become complete database of business partners, potential employees and also clients. Recently we were writing about how to gain new clients through LinkedIn without paying extra money for creating new data base.

This social network is obviously worth to use, but only if you would not forgot how important is the right way of marketing communication. By good use of the platform not only you would be creating the database of potential new customers, but also your potential customers would be finding your services or/and products. How to create appealing profile and how to benefit on its existence?

First of all you need to create catchy and complete description of your profile, which will provide customers with maximum information. It would be also extremely important to complete all key words, because later it will help people find your profile. In order to be easily found by all people potentially interested in your company you should create accounts for all your employees. From their pages people can be transferred to your official company profile without making extra effort. Of course LinkedIn is not everything, so that, it would be good to combine it with more universal forms of social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – adding simply encouragement or links to this accounts would be good idea.

Very important is an interesting content which is relevant to the main business category, but also visual interpretation has a great value. Creating your online image you can’t forgot about attractive graphic design. If you are good with money you should think of cooperating with professional graphic designer, which will help you to create outstanding logo and will take care of esthetic overview of your websites.

Why LikedIn is so different from all social media channels? Thanks to this platform you can easier upgrade your database with valuable contacts including downloading theme groups, checking which online activities prefer your customers and improvement of communication – within presentation of the offer, sales and after-sales service. You also shouldn’t forget that LinkedIn integrated with CRM system can be great tool for preselection of potential, future employees or co-workers. What’s more you can look through what candidates are posting, which will give you overview of their competences, education, career path and interests.

Furthermore LinkedIn gives you the chance to observe your competitors. This is extremely important on the market of services and goods. Gaining useful information about number of people working for your competitor and combined actions you can better plan your growth strategy. Having an eye on contestant is very important not only for companies but also for freelancers and small interpreters, no matter which business category they are in.

Such a social CRM system is InStream, which will help you to construct groups of your potential clients, create advanced databases, autotomize actualizations and develop statistics on a regular basis.

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