High Time For Changes – Check Out What’s New on InStream.io Platform!

No one likes to be stuck in one place. Neither does InStream.io. Since we value the feedback from our clients the most, we listened to the most common suggestions and also added something of our own – that’s how the new version of InStream.io came into being.  This is a mixture of most wanted Business Relations Management (BRM) features than millions of people have been dreaming of.  Make sure you won’t miss it! These are the features our communication software got equipped with:

  • Graphic and nomenclature changes
  • Tooltips for inactive buttons such as Share or Delete
  • Calendar

From now on InStream.io will also:

  • Inform you when subscription expires or a problem arises
  • Add up together relations of contacts that were merged

It will be likewise possible to:

  • Choose inactive status for a relation that was converted
  • Select many contacts at once
  • Send an e-mail to many contacts at once
  • Download avatars from Google+ (for contacts)
  • Archive Relations and Relation Lists
  • Implement change of relation owner and Share settings (while deleting a user) from the level of organization administrator

While it will be impossible to:

  • Delete relations which have content

We strongly encourage you to gain first-hand experience and test new features of InStream.io platform! Also, we can guide you through new features during a demo if you wish – please let us know if you need personal assistance.

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