Lead Generator

Create your potential customers database

Bravo! You just generated 3 leads. It might be worth for you to start using application that will allow you to effectively manage them? Create free acount on InStream or read how to add new contact to our platform.

Lead Generator is tool prepared especially for you to find an e-mail address of your potential client. It is very useful for everybody who do not like to waste any opportunity to set up business partnerships.

How to get adequate e-mail address in just a few minutes? You need to have first and last name of your potential client as well as domain of his company. Mostly you can find the name of a domain on the company website, LinkedIn company profile or from the browser (search: “company name” e-mail).

Next you need to fill the form with the data. The list of 34 the most probable e-mail addresses will appear. Among those addresses will be the correct one. Copy all of them (by clicking on “Copy to clipboard” button).
Now, you need to find out which address is the correct one. In order to do that you need to create free Gmail account and download “Rapportive” plugin (it automatically link social media accounts with the e-mail addresses).

Copied addresses insert into create new e-mail window in Gmail. Next, hover your cursor on each of them – you will see the important information which will help you (in very easy way) identify which address is correct.