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Few words about InStream

InStream - available in the browser intelligent CRM platform. It is directed mainly for small businesses and startups. The system fills an important gap in the market - allows you to manage communication and build relations, also when your organization has different profile of operation than sales.

InStream is equipped with a new flexible tools that support communication with customers and coworkers. It also offers features and solutions which enables users to manage sales processes, analyze data and collect information. Improving the flow of information allows you to focus on developing the strategy and setting new paths of growth.

All communication is archived and can be seen differently by the employees depending on their competences. There is also no need to manually insert data, contact history or history of sales. It is done automatically by the system. Instream gives also ability to adjust lists and groups of data. It makes platform more efficient for companies with various business profiles.

InStream is available from the browser and there are non-technical requirements - is a huge convenience for companies that do not have extensive technical background. However, the functions of the system do not lose their quality and can be accessed simultaneously by multiple users. Also, the low price is an advantage for growing businesses that do not want to give up high-quality services despite a small budget.