Something’s Wrong: “I Just Can’t Do This!”

Something's wrong - I just can't do this

Something's wrong - I just can't do this

No capability to act leads everyone to frustration. And when you are expected to act by other people –  level of stress increases. Welcome to the world of sales! Easy, if you keep on reading you will find out how to behave in the situation when your potentiality is limited.


  • Apologies for no capability to act at that point – even a small doze of empathy can heal the unpleasant atmosphere.
  • Propose an alternative – point at available possibilities (or next dates when particular action can be taken up). Be flexible and select the options in regard to customer’s individual situation. Dare to offer less popular solutions – it can turn out that problem can we easily solved but just different way. Alternative can also means passing a case to another co-worker.
  • Play for time – if your incapability arises from lack of experience or gaps in knowledge, ask you client for little of patience. Be specific – say exactly when you are going to contact him again. Make sure you have a detailed description of his case. Alternatively you can pass the case to your colleagues who is more competent in that field.
  • Be kind but resolute – essential strategy when a client demands from you to take up actions that are beyond your competences (or to share information you are not allowed to manage). If your interlocutor seems to be exceptionally persistent refer him to your superior (or head of department that is related to the issue).


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