We’ve Been Hunted!

8.00 a.m. People start coming to work and longing for coffee. Business as usual. Our CMO is first to sit in front of his desk and suddenly the expression on his face drastically changes. Normalny calm and rather fond of emotionless style of work, this time he surprised everyone with a sudden burst of positive feelings.

We’ve been hunted!

Hm… Well…ok nice to hear that. Could you elaborate? Product Hunt – does it ring a bell?

Well of course it does! Product Hunt is a daily ranking site for products, startups and selected books. Also called one of the hottest trends in the startup community. Products are nominated by Product Hunt community members, in other words Hunters. Then other Hunters can peruse the offerings and vote for their favourite products.

First of all, that’s a great honour to be among all those fantastic innovative companies. InStream.io feels really comfortable up there. Thanks for nominating us!

Second, for those of you who use our Business Relations Management Platform and would like to share a thought on our solution or simply support us with “upvote”  – you can do it on the website below. It is enough to look for ‘InStream’ and connect with your Twitter account.


Thanks in advance!

And beware – you never know when you can get hunted!

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