Why training companies need CRM?

#1 Sales enablement tool

#1 Sales enablement tool for building strong relationships with customers

To organise any kind of training or course one needs to have a backup in data management. CRM systems for training companies should have their own specification, or dedicated platform. One of the available solutions is InStream.

Basic support in courses organisation

InStream is very intuitive, which makes it very easy to implement in your company. In case of courses organisation these traits are especially helpful:

  • creating custom lists of participants – possibility of communication through one, simply arranged channel;
  • overview of all the contacts with potential attendees. Registry of every phone call and e-mail makes getting a response way easier. When you can manage the time and punctuality of all these massages, your advertising among your regular users;
  • contacts management within the inside structure – more productive organisation of trainings thanks to the integration of CRM with tools like social media or e-mail;
  • updating yours and your co-workers calendar – it’s available in expanded version, with the division into days and hours, all synchronised with Google;

Optional but necessary „special” functions

It is very important that with all these features the system was still user-friendly. It has to be easy to manage both course participants and distribute tasks for the coaches. You can also control distribution of your promotion materials and training packets, or managing company’s schedule for upcoming days, weeks and months. Data base in CRM system is updated automatically, which simplifies everyday training-related tasks.

Functioning of the training institution is characterised by certain rules and expectations, which chosen CRM system must meet. It should enable introduction of full course catalogue, regardless of its type, time or specifics). Bringing in various information must be simple for every user. Different phases of every training should be planned and divided into precise stages.



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