InStream CRM + Google Apps & Gmail

Strengthen your relationships with customers

Monitor your Gmail account

You can fully integrate your InStream account with your Gmail account, so all your incoming and outgoing correspondence will be stored inside the platform.

You don’t need to copy your clients’ data and duplicate your work - InStream will do it for you! After the registration process your contacts will be downloaded automatically from your email account and from then on the system will monitor the whole communication history.

Connect your Gmail account and keep your customers InStream!

Manage your time with Google Calendar

Schedule meetings, phone calls and other events. Share the calendar with co-workers and assign them tasks. InStream is equipped with the calendar module that helps you organise your daily schedule.

You can synchronize your InStream account with Google Calendar so that you will have all your commitments in one place.

InStream Calendar will help improve your time management and boost your productivity at work.