Let’s strengthen your business relationships

The all-in-one sales and relationship management platform based on the real time communication

Contact management that improves customer experience

Be aware what your customers are alike. Gather information from social platforms, get additional contact details from their LinkedIn profile. Collect insights on your clients’ behavior and become the most customer-focused company on the market.
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Communication tailored to your needs

Improve team communication and develop quality of your services. Track all your emails, phone calls, meetings, and other activities in one place. Monitor the conversation flow on the timeline. Add comments to leave yourself and your team useful tips. Work in one place to stay focused all day.
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Gain loyal customers by relationship management

Store your conversations with your contacts on different lists to keep them in order. Have an easy overview on every important information about your communication. See who has been contacting a client, how often, and when was the last time they had spoken. This means the end of your oversights.
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Sales automation that raises effectiveness

Build effective sales funnel and change more leads into satisfied customers. Get the scalable lead generation tools to create predictable revenue. Evaluate your sales opportunities faster to shorten the process. Implement the actions’ scoring to keep your team motivated.
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Smart tools which boost productivity

Be automatically reminded about things you need to take care of. Stay well-informed thanks to the notification system. Get data-driven insights about your relationships with clients. Always talk with right people at right time.
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