What are lists?

You can create and adjust lists to your needs. Creating lists is similar to adding new tabs in, for example, Excel spreadsheets. See step by step guide how to create new lists.

What is the 3 list view?

3 different views help you to monitor your business relations and save your time. Thanks to grid view you will see contact lists adjusted to your needs, on stream view you can monitor particular relation with customers and report view will enable you to measure the efficiency of your team.

How social media integration works?

Thanks to integration with social media you can monitor information about your contacts from their social media profiles like Twitter or Facebook. More about your contact social media integration you will learn here. Here you will find Information about company social media integration.

What are the intelligent hints?

Intelligent hints show you (on the graphic matrix) how strong the relations with your contacts you have. What’s more, in order to save your time, the system automatically completes two fields after each contact with your clients, Those fields are last communication date and last communication ( a type of your last communication, for example, e-mail).

How many new users can I add?

You can add as many users as you need. Here you can learn how to add new users.

How can I synchronize platform with my mailbox?

To synchronize your mailbox with the platform you need to go throw synchronization process similar to the one when you start using OutLook or Thunderbird. Most of the mailboxes (eg Gmail, Hotmail. OutLook, Fastmail) system configures automatically. In knowledge base, you will find step by step guide how to configures your mailbox.