InStream CRM for Business Organizations

Build strong relations within business environment

Create lists you need

Build strong business relations with your partners. Gather all your contact in one place and monitor the communication. InStream helps the business organization to maintain good relations with the business environment. Create relation lists and take care of your high-level quality communication.


Monitor all your communication with clients, in one place.


Plan your actions with mobile calendar. Arrange meetings and organise your schedule.


Create suitable lists and organize communication with customers.


In order to be up to date, use intelligence notifications

Manage communication with your partners

InStream raises the efficiency of each team by providing them with business intelligence tools. The platform enables you to share selected lists, share selected processes from the list, decide how much information you want to share, share single e-mails with your coworkers and much more. There are no limits in use of InStream thanks to its flexibility.


Thanks to automatic reports you can measure your team resoults


Customize your lists. Store your data wisely.


Use intelligent fields and Business Intelligence tools


Gather all information about your clients in one place


Stream View

If you are running business organization you are meeting hundreds of people daily and you are involved in many business relations. InStream will help you manage your contacts. What's more, the platform will also help you gather all necessary information of your partners. The system monitors the strength of the relation and your contacts social media activity to give you an overview of your partners. The biggest advantage of the system is an intuitive design which is easy to use.


Available in browser

You can use InStream from any device which has acces to the Internet

Intuitive design

You don't have to be skilled computer user to use the platform

Remote access to data

You can access InStream no matter where you are


Since we started to use the platform in my business organization we improved external and internal communication. It turned out that the key feature for my company was the ability to share selected information with my employees. I also appreciate the view of the lists on which I can easily check on what stage are my business relations. It saves a lot of my time.


Joseph Calvin

Build strong relations within business environment

Improve communications within your organization

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