InStream CRM for Marketing Agencies

Build strong relations with your clients

Create lists your marketing team needs

InStream is the solution created for people like you. It helps to improve sales process and day by day communication with clients. The platform supports building strong business relations.


Monitor all your communication with clients, in one place.


Plan your actions with mobile calendar. Arrange meetings and organise your schedule


Create suitable lists and organize communication with customers


In order to be up to date, use intelligence notifications.

CRM adjusted to your needs

InStream has Business Intelligence tools. What is more, the system provides users with ready to use fields which help to manage your contact. Special fields will show your last activity according to selected process as well as last planned activity. The additional advantage is the ability to adjust each field and sort out data.


Thanks to automatic reports you can measure your team results


Customize your lists. Store your data wisely.


Use intelligent fields and Business Intelligence tools


Gather all information about your clients in one place


Stream View

Your employees complain because they have to enter data to a CRM system? Is the database constantly needing actualization? Do you want to know how and about what your employees are talking with clients? It is possible with InStream. The system has an innovative view which shows all communication within one process in one place. Thanks to extended integrations you can track e-mails (from every mailbox) and phone calls. InStream was created to improve your business relations. This is the tool for all companies which are focused on building long-term relationships.


Available in browser

You can use InStream from any device which has acces to the Internet

Intuitive design

You don't have to be skilled computer user to use the platform

Remote access to data

You can access InStream no matter where you are


Thanks to the implementation of CRM my team of young marketing specialist can focus on creative thinking and developing new solutions. The biggest advantage of the platform is automatization of processes.


Iliana Kaminsky

Build strong connections with your clients

Improve communication within your company to increase efficiency

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