InStream CRM for Startups

Build strong relations with your clients

CRM tool for StartUps

Are you aware how and about what your team is talking with your clients? Is your team constantly complaining about entering manually data? Not with Instream. The platform has an innovative view, thanks to which you can have an overview of all communication in one place. What's more, the system also protects data from accidental and intentional loss.


Monitor all your communication with clients, in one place.


Plan your actions with mobile calendar. Arrange meetings and organise your schedule


Create suitable lists and organize communication with customers


In order to be up to date, use intelligence notifications

CRM adjusted to your needs

What distinguish our platform is flexibility. Adjust the view of a customer list to see only information that is important for you. You can also sort out your data according to your needs.


Thanks to automatic reports you can measure your team results


Customize your lists. Store your data wisely.


Use intelligent fields and Business Intelligence tools


Gather all information about your clients in one place


Stream View

Enable full access to important data for all people responsible for the success of the projects. Gather all communication in one place. Add comments, create notes and keep a record of incoming and outgoing calls.


Available in browser

You can use InStream from any device which has acces to the Internet

Intuitive design

You don't have to be skilled computer user to use the platform

Remote access to data

You can access InStream no matter where you are


"Constant changes in a team responsible for contact with a client was a struggle. It was usually undermining business relations and leading to many miss understandings. Sometimes we had to contact our clients two times to facilitate one thing, which was spotted as an annoying practice. Thanks to InStream we have full control over our communication process and information about our business relations are protected. It helped us gain a reputation of the professional company."


Lauren Baily

Build strong relations with your clients

Improve communication within your organization

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