FrontRunners for Customer Relationship Management

Do you know that InStream was pointed out as one of FrontRunners for 2017? The FrontRunners analysis is a data-driven assessment identifying products in the Customer Relationship Management software market that offer the best capability and value for small businesses.

How we made our way to the FrontRunners?

We needed a minimum capability user rating score of 4.0 and a minimum value user rating score of 4.0. So, all products that qualify as FrontRunners are top performing products in their market. InStream is placed in the Conteders category.

Who are Contenders?

Those companies are strong-performing products that have not yet achieved the Value and Capability of the products in the other quadrants. Products featured in this quadrant may be more suited for companies that need more specialized functionality that comes at a price.

What this means?

It means that InStream along with other companies placed in Contenders quadrant are on the begging of their development and market journey. Now those companies are shaping their strategies to move to master or leaders quadrants.

Yes, we want to become leaders.

It’s been 24 months since Filip came up with the idea of InStream. Since then we have become the company worth more than 1 million € and what we can promise – we are not done yet.
In 2017 we want to introduce to you many new features (including API release), our mobile app, email marketing solutions. We also planned on implementing machine learning so stay tuned – big changes are just around the corner.

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