How to choose the best CRM for a travel agency?

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How to change leads into strong business relations

We would like to offer you help in choosing the best fitting program for your travel agency.

Satisfied customers are the measure of your business success. To organise holidays for thousands of people, your employees have to stay in touch with hundreds of hotels, airlines and organisers of cultural activities. When you add to that contacts with clients, you create a very dense and complex web of communication.

How to enforce fluid communication and adequate information management?

A well-suited CRM system will be definitely a great assistance.

A classic CRM is programmed in a way which supports you in sales management. It focuses on generating new leads, monitoring sales performance and closed transactions. This is why so many travel agencies look for something else than classic solutions.

There are many offers on the market which are dedicated specifically to travel agencies, but even those systems are often unreliable.

What features should a platform have, which will guarantee your agency proper communication regarding such complex services?


First of all, your solutions have to be flexible. CRM for travel agencies should enable gathering all of the necessary data and information.

Customers’ age, date of stay, a size of a hotel, range of specific airline, dietary preferences, or accommodation’s requirements.

An appropriate system should provide you with a possibility of collecting any important data. If we communicate with our current customers, we must have all of the necessary information acquired and quickly accessible. While organizing holidays for a brand new group of clients, you definitely have to be in touch with the designated hotel and the tour operator.

CRM platform should simplify your job and increase the efficiency of your agency.



The system should automatically monitor the entire communication. When we make dozens of calls, send and collect hundreds of email messages every day, CRM software should monitor all these interactions and provide support in carrying out everyday tasks. Then the office employees can focus on the client’s needs, their satisfaction and safety as well as increase the quality of provided communication.



Your employees have to be mobile. This means that they should have an access to the CRM system anytime and anywhere they need. This is exactly why up-to-date tools are based on web technology and are available online from any browser. An innovative CRM should be equipped with mobile solutions, that will make your field work much easier.

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