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SaaS Application


Free CRM system to build long-term relationship with your business partners and clients. InStream guarantees full version with unlimited access, available free of charge for two users.

InStream is an elastic tool which helps you gather key information about customers and monitor communication flow. This system enables you to integrate with any email account, so that all your correspondence can be found in one place. This way you can save a lot of time and focus on developing strong customer relations.

The platform enables you creating custom lists with different processes, like:
  • Leads,
  • Opportunities,
  • Deals,
  • Support,
  • Business relations.

User can decide to monitor specific processes and determine which information are the most important.

In addition to that, the platform has built-in calendar synchronised with Google Calendar.

InStream was created for companies which base on long-term relationships and customer communication is a priority for them. This is why the system focuses on possible information sharing and communication monitoring.

Free of charge for two users and chosen start-ups for one year
Easy to customize
Relieves user of filling information about clients and business events
Accessible through browser
Helpful for companies oriented on client’s needs


Chrome Add-on


Free Chrome add-on for Gmail, which synchronizes social media accounts with given e-mail address. The add-on appears on the right toolbar after installation. Rapportive enables finding:

  • Personal data from LinkedIn, profile pictures, occupation, localisation,
  • Twitter account,
  • Skype account,
  • Website (if shown on LinkedIn),
  • Connections on LinkedIn.

How to make use of it? Rapportive helps to find people which register through applications with their e-mails accounts without disclosing their identity. The more information we have on this client, the bigger our chances are to land him with personalized offer. CRM systems often lack the data about customers. None of them can generate them automatically, so connection between free CRM platform and free Raportive add-on is a great solution.

Requires Chrome add-on installation
Easy to use
Useful in client communication

Email Hunter

Chrome add-on

Email Hunter

Another Chrome add-on, which is available as a free version. Email Hunter enables finding correct e-mail address to practically every single one person. After installation, user has a few key functions:

  • It helps to generate personal e-mail address from LinkedIn detailed profile view. This function unfortunately has some limitations and does not always work. Nevertheless it is worth trying, because finding a correct e-mail address using other methods can be very time consuming. Email Hunter does that automatically.
  • It helps to generate all e-mail addresses related to a chosen website – they only need to be in the website’s code. Email Hunter shows us all of them. Thanks to that possibility after we find a client fit to our profile, we only need Email Hunter to find out his contact data.
    This kind of lead can go straight into the CRM system.
Free up to 150 inquiries
Available after installation in Google Chrome
In case of inability to find the e-mail, system doesn’t count the attempt as an used inquiry
Useful for client communication
Available easy API


SaaS application


It is a great and costless tool to manage content published through social media. Effective marketing requires not only creativity, but also systematicity. Buffer is a great help in that matter. With this application you can tie together many different social media accounts, like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
Buffer not only allows you to cue your posts, but also helps you to compose them adequately to the platform you choose. You can use it to adjust time of publication, which is very important with respect to activity in different time zones.

Buffer systematizes our Social Media activity and suggests pre-made content tailored to our interests. Application itself advices its users which templates and content to apply. It is a huge time saving and help for marketing branch.

Available after installation in Google Chrome, also in iOS and Android systems
Easy to use
Useful in social media management
Possibility of graphic edition directly through application


SaaS application


Remember IRC? Slack in a new version of old–school communicators. It enables communication within teams, but it is not just another simple instant messenger.

Slack is much more thanks to its useful functions:

Integrations – app can be integrated with different outside sources, like e.g. Wordpress, Google Apps, Twitter, even CRM systems. Inside the application there is a possibility of topic customization in channels. It presents in those channels automatically gathered internet content and all of the users communication.

Channels – as I mentioned before, custom made channels are a great advantage. Those channels base on #, which is very helpful while writing comments, to avoid continuous topic changing. It really makes communication within the company more effective.

Data sharing – application enables easy sharing of documents, pictures, and pdf files, thanks to system based on Google Drive and Dropbox. App owners recently announced their plans to introduce phone and video calls. It seems to be a new competition for Skype.

Available free version but with limited functionality
Accessible through browser
Improves team communication
Based on Enterprise 2.0, which makes it easily implementable


SaaS application


LiveChat is one of the most interesting solutions for free customer communication through websites.
It appears to be a rather simple tool – website chat with user control panel to manage the conversations.

In fact this is a tool used by giant corporations, that have hundreds of employees in customer service. Full version of LiveChat enables creating conversation rooms, cueing, and generating statistics.

Free version is available for start-ups. Company offers special annual subscription for free, but it has some limitations.

When CRM is a basic sales tool, LiveChat is a great instrument to retain clients and build solid customer service.

30 days of free trial + free for chosen start-ups
Available through website and application
Improves conversion and sales
Enables receiving feedback from people who wouldn’t normally use different communication channels.

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